The Prepper Pac™: Product Overview

Sportsman Smoke Grenade

Clemens Kuhlig Using Sport Smoke Electric Fire on his Wing Tips!

Clemens Kuhlig Using Sport Smoke Electric Fire on his Stunt Plane!

NEW Electric Fire Remote Ignition System!

Awesome Bomb Props Utilizing Sport Smoke

Undertakers using Tactical Smoke Grenades!

Tactical Smoke Grenade Electric Fire Bomb Prop!

The NEW Tactical Smoke Grenade!

Sport Smoke at ION 2011!

Sport Smoke at Invasion of Normandy

Battlefield Smoke Grenade Footage

Tactical Smoke Grenade Footage

Official Smoke of the Undertakers!

Urban Ops Armory Demos the TSG!

More TSG Footage from Skirmish USA!

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About Sport Smoke

Sport Smoke is a manufacturer of professional grade smoke grenades, hand made, right here in the USA. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike, Sport Smoke sets a new standard in quality, safety and performance. Serving multiple industries, including; paintball, airsoft, tactical training, special effects, skydiving, and more, we are proud to offer the highest output and safest smoke grenades on the market today.

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