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Professional Grade. American Made.   Whether looking for that advantage on the paintball field, conducting a training simulation, or jumping out of an airplane, go with the smoke grenade trusted by top paintballers and professionals alike.


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"Amazing -- great amount of dense white smoke. This has changed our paintball field for the better. Clients love them."

- wdLong

"Sport Smoke simply the best there is. The best there was, and the best there ever will be. Perfection in both productivity and customer service. Sport Smoke is Undertakers Paintball Inc certified and approved. Get in the game. Get Sport Smoke."

-Hercules "HitMan" Papadogiannis

If you need cover...Sport Smoke is there. If you need to smoke them out...Sport Smoke is there. Sport Smoke is the ONLY smoke "The Grand Master" will use!!!!

-Ching "Grand Master" Lee

"Anytime we need to take over a flagstation or raid an enemy base we smoke em out first with Sport Smoke. The only cold smoke you can depend on time and time again for walls of cover and concealment. Me and and the rest of the Undertakers use nothing else and won't settle for anything less than Sport Smoke."

-Matt "Lucky" Ammann

"I remember the first time used Sport Smoke. The ease of the pull ring igniter and the coverage of the smoke I was hooked. Since then it's only Sport Smoke for me! Sport Smoke the best there is hands down. Undertakers Paintball Inc approved." 

-Craig "Chief Rut" Rutledge

"Great smoke for the price. I set one off and the wind carried most of the smoke to a field behind my house. If there was someone in that field they would have been blind from the smoke coverage. At least a good 20-30 foot wide area, and then it just spread out. It also hung in the trees and brush very nicely. Should work very well in the woods."

- stapleface

" With Sport Smoke you can move a anything from a small 3 man, to a large 25 man squad with out the opposition seeing you coming or going. We have used Sport Smoke to Push people out of places they were dug into pretty Deep"

- Rodney Clarke

HEY thanks for selling my paintball store those AWESOME smoke nades! the battlefield smoke grenade is wicked! works great thanks for makin such a great product

- Jason

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