"Amazing -- great amount of dense white smoke. This has changed our paintball field for the better. Clients love them."

- wdLong

Do you run a paintball field or store? Contact us today to become a Sport Smoke Dealer! We hand make all of our smoke grenades right here in the USA! Our products are designed exclusively for paintball and airsoft and are safe for recreational use. Don't settle for anything less than the best! You will not find a safer or better performing smoke grenade anywhere.

Smoke Grenades are extremely popular at big games, scenario events, and walkon games at paintball fields across the country. Our products give your customers a unique experience that is sure to keep them coming back for more! If you're ready to add smoke grenades to your inventory give us a call at 732-251-0800 or Request Dealer Agreement and Pricing.

Why Choose Sport Smoke?

There are many smoke generating products on the market these days, but just because a product claims to make smoke, does not mean it is suitable for resale to your customers. Sport Smoke LLC is a division of Superior Signal Company, and we have been manufacturing smoke generators for various industries for over 60 years. We know what goes into a quality smoke grenade. Lets talk about what separates Sport Smoke from the competition.

Made in the USA

When you buy a smoke grenade or smoke grenade pouch from Sport Smoke, you are buying a product that was assembled by hand, 100% in the USA. Practically every other smoke grenade on the market is manufactured in China, and it shows. Does that make our product a bit more expensive? - yes, but you get what you pay for! Our smoke grenades are without equal in performance, reliability, and safety.


Sport Smoke Grenades are the largest and most reliable smoke grenades available to the general public. Simply put, our smoke grenades put out more smoke than the competition. We encourage you to test our product against any competitive smoke grenade of similar size and you will see the difference. As we manufacture our smoke grenades right here in our own factory, we offer the highest degree of quality control in the industry. Are you tired of customers returning dud smoke grenades and requesting a refund? - Carry Sport Sport. Did we mention our products are 100% biodegradable? - No clean up required!


If you are going to sell Smoke Grenades to your customers than they had better be SAFE Smoke Grenades! There are some retail products that naturally carry a degree of risk, and smoke grenades are no different. Sport Smoke LLC was created specifically to offer Smoke Grenades that are safe for recreational use. That is to say, they are designed to be safer to handle, and to not start fires. Many of the grenades you see on the internet, including ones that claim to be "cool burning", can be down right dangerous. For a full explanation of what "cool burning" means please check out our FAQ. While these smoke grenades may be cheap, the additional liability risk they bring to your business far outweighs the benefit. We design our products specifically to not shoot flames or sparks and also recess the area where the smoke issues to protect dry brush. We are proud to have the best reputation for safety in the industry. We encourage all users of smoke grenades to do so under proper supervision, and to avoid use in extremely dry environments.


One of the benefits of dealing with an American manufacturer is that you can pick up the phone and talk directly to the factory. Our superb customer service staff is available during business hours to assist you and answer any questions you have.

Why White Smoke?

At Sport Smoke we only manufacture and sell white smoke. Here is why:

  1. Our formula does not contain any dangerous dyes. Dyes that are found in all colored smoke grenades can be dangerous to inhale. Please note that anyone who suffers from respiratory ailment should not be exposed to any smoke from any grenade, including Sport Smoke.
  2. Dyes require a hotter burn temperature which can increase the risk of fire
  3. Dyes stain! Do you really want your bunkers, structures, or rental gear permanently stained?


Sport Smoke in Action

Sport Smoke at Skirmish USA!

Sport Smoke BattleField Smoke Grenade

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Sport Smoke is a manufacturer of professional grade smoke grenades, hand made, right here in the USA. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike, Sport Smoke sets a new standard in quality, safety and performance. Serving multiple industries, including; paintball, airsoft, tactical training, special effects, skydiving, and more, we are proud to offer the highest output and safest smoke grenades on the market today.

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