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Professional Grade. American Made.   Whether looking for that advantage on the paintball field, conducting a training simulation, or jumping out of an airplane, go with the smoke grenade trusted by top paintballers and professionals alike.


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Sponsored Teams

The Tactical Smoke Grenade (TSG) and Battlefield Smoke Grenade (BFG) are must have equipment for some of the most competitive scenario players around. We are proud to support the following paintball teams:


We are a team that believes in each other and sees each others goals. Together we help one another to accomplish those goals. Without the full team effect none of those goals would and wouldn't have been possible today. We are a team that is more of a family. Playing far back as 1988 when woods ball just really started to hit the market. Some of us still together since then and adding new family members to the team daily.

It wasn't till 2004 when the full effect of creating a scenario team came true. Team captain, "Hercules Papadogiannis" first founded the team in October 2004. On a mission to create something he loved to do and to teach others that paintball really isn't as dangerous as people make it out to be. Of course there are chances of getting injured, but with the proper equipment and training, you have more of a chance to get injured riding a bike.

As the team began to grow and be more involved with in the sport, producing events, sponsors, manufactures and founding of their own Tactical Paintball League call the Tactical Ten Paintball League or TTPL for short they knew incorporating the team would be the next best thing. With that said, the team incorporated in 2009 into Undertakers Paintball Inc.

The teams goals will always be to promote the sport, sponsors and manufactures to the fullest. Introducing new players to the sport and hopefully expressing their passion with thousands week after week after week and hopefully they will return by doing the same.



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